20 feet CONTAINEX module container

20 feet CONTAINEX module container

Price from to 400 600 rub.
In many Russian cities more often we meet modular office buildings today. Advantage of such objects is their convenience and a practicality. To place a modular structure in the city, you won’t need to receive allowing documents, and moving to the new place can be performed for several days. Besides, the folding module container is made according to needs of the customer in which not only filling, but also the size of each module is considered.

20 feet containers are very popular today, their external dimensions are 6,05х2,45х2,59 meters . The internal space is also rather impressive and constitutes 5,86х2,24х2,34 meters. If necessary folding module containers can be made with the increased height, but for this purpose the customer needs to specify this requirement additionally.

The module container is transported in Nizhniy Novgorod on trucks in extra packings of Transpack. It allows not only to save on delivery, but also facilitates process of moving of the company, office or cafe if necessary. According to the standard containers are painted in blue color, and for internal finishing the laminated chipboard is used. However, if necessary, it is possible to order products in individual parameters.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 2435х6055х2591 mm
  • Quality check: GOST P, «Germanischer Lloyd typengepruft»
  • Electricity: 400W/32A/5-polar
  • External color: RAL 5010 (blue), RAL 9002 (light gray)
  • Internal finishing: laminated by chipboard, a light oak or a white oak a decor
  • Floor: cement-bonded particleboard
  • External door: 875x2000mm — 1 piece
  • A window with the inclined and rotary mechanism and with the integrated frol-sun blind: 1 piece
  • Electric convector 2 kW: 1 piece


  • Floor: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Wall: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Roof: Mineral wool, 100 mm, 0,37 W/m2K
  • Double-glazed window: 4/16/4 mm, 2,7 W/m2K

Planning 20 feet CONTAINEX module container