16 feet CONTAINEX module container

16 feet CONTAINEX module container

Price from to 378 200 rub.
In recent years use of module containers in Russia for construction of modular structures became more and more actual. The main advantages of such products are the low cost, high quality, simplicity of installation and comfortableness. The modern module container from a sandwich panels can be rather various, and its filling, and also functionality depend only on requirements of the customer.

For example, 16 feet products differ in external dimensions 488,5х243,5х259,1 centimeters and the sizes of internal space 469х224х234 centimeters. However inside the module container assembly can differ from another similar in the mass of things as quality and quantity of a heater (there are options 60/60/100 and 100/100/100), richness of finishing, the used furniture and so on.

Each metal block container possesses the allocated channels for communications which are hidden in panels. The customer can choose type of lighting and an electroboard, and also the number of sockets, switches and other components of a container. Modular type buildings can be constructed from unrestricted number of blocks which filling can be identical or individual for each separately taken module.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 2435х4885х2591 mm
  • Quality check: GOST P, «Germanischer Lloyd typengepruft»
  • Electricity: 400W/32A/5-polar
  • External color: RAL 5010 (blue), RAL 9002 (light gray)
  • Internal finishing: laminated by chipboard, a light oak or a white oak a decor
  • Floor: cement-bonded particleboard
  • External door: 875x2000mm — 1 piece
  • A window with the inclined and rotary mechanism and with the integrated frol-sun blind: 1 piece
  • Electric convector 2 kW: 1 piece


  • Floor: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Wall: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Roof: Mineral wool, 100 mm, 0,37 W/m2K
  • Double-glazed window: 4/16/4 mm, 2,7 W/m2K

Planning 16 feet CONTAINEX module container