10 feet CONTAINEX module container

10 feet CONTAINEX module container

Price from to 320 800 rub.
Modern module containers represent collapsible modules with very extensive functionality. Such products can be used for the many various tasks. For example, if to choose what is better the module container or a wooden cabin, undoubtedly we need to mention significant superiority of products of the CONTAINEX brand. It is provided directly with several factors, beginning from durability, and finishing with universality. So, for example, 10 feet containers can be used for arrangement of points of protection, cabins on country side and other similar tasks.

The classical module assembly container is made from galvanized steel on which is painted in necessary shade for the customer (according to the standard a product is blue). For installation of doors, windows and means of communication in containers the corresponding openings in sheets are made. Depending on features of the project and customer requirements various options of finishing can be applied. Often 10 feet module containers of the check point don’t differ in richness of internal equipment (laminated by chipboard on walls and cement-bonded particleboard as a floor covering), but for convenience of their use at all seasons of the year the high-quality basalt fiber steady against ignition is used inside.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 2435х2989х2591 mm
  • Quality check: GOST P, «Germanischer Lloyd typengepruft»
  • Electricity: 400W/32A/5-polar
  • External color: RAL 5010 (blue), RAL 9002 (light gray)
  • Internal finishing: laminated by chipboard, a light oak or a white oak a decor
  • Floor: cement-bonded particleboard
  • External door: 875x2000mm — 1 piece
  • A window with the inclined and rotary mechanism and with the integrated frol-sun blind: 1 piece
  • Electric convector 2 kW: 1 piece


  • Floor: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Wall: Mineral wool, 60 mm, 0,54 W/m2K
  • Roof: Mineral wool, 100 mm, 0,37 W/m2K
  • Double-glazed window: 4/16/4 mm, 2,7 W/m2K

Planning 10 feet CONTAINEX module container