Advantages of CONTAINEX module containers

Advantages of CONTAINEX module containers

By the nature of the activities we often face a question of why mobile module containers are more attractive, than capital structures. It is possible to note without any doubt at least several arguments for benefit of block modules about which we will tell below.

Fire safety

Any construction module containers are made from the high-quality materials providing the second degree of stability to fire, that is Construction Norms and Regulations 21-01-97. The limit of fire resistance of such designs is based on time (in minutes; calculations are conducted on a certain design) which is necessary for approach separate or several signs described below. Thus, losses are possible:

  • Integrity (E);
  • The bearing capability (R);
  • Heat-insulating properties (I).

Thermal stability

Modular structures extremely steady and perfectly maintain various types of negative impact. Thus,neither physical activities nor strong rainfall can’t damage them. Modular buildings aren’t deformed in very broad range of temperatures (within 60 degrees below and above zero), and working temperature in rooms constitutes 20 degrees Celsius. Characteristics of such products are provided by manufacturing techniques based on «sandwich panels» which are used in all products irrespective of the place of its use and operational tasks.


Infrastructure in all modular structures of CONTAINEX company can be organized locally, irrespective of external engineering networks. Thus, in block buildings it is possible to create following:

  • Electric network;
  • Ventilating and sewer systems;
  • Heating, water admission and purification.

Functional capability

Modular buildings are widely demanded in solution of various tasks today. For example, they are established in points of natural disasters for providing people with lodgings, applied to the organization of camps or bases of rescue services, are necessary for portable research complexes and other tasks. Such structures are perfectly suitable for creation of warehouses or multipurpose household rooms. Modular decisions will be suitable also for trade pavilions or administrative objects.


Today sale of module containers is promptly developing type of activity. The reason of it consists in characteristics of products, thanks to efficiency of a construction which is especially noticeable in case of use of blocks with furniture, you will need to spend minimum of time. At the same time you don’t tie yourself to the specific place at all as it happens to stationary constructions, combined designs allow to divide also easily an object into blocks and to transport to other place.

You can consider the use of such elements rational in that case when you have no opportunity to conduct capital construction. Block containers for various household, office or other tasks it is significantly lighter than capital constructions, and therefore they don’t need the heavy base. And blocks can be transported without any problem by any available transport to the necessary point.

In conclusion we want to add that it is in most cases unfair to attribute to advantages of modular constructions their low cost in comparison with capital construction. In practice the high-quality block elements meeting all regulations and the requirements will be managed in similar cost. However an opportunity to sort and collect them quickly, also the mobility are significant merits which attract consumers.